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“The awakened heart is the basic goodness of all beings."
Pema Chodron


“While you were doing Reiki I felt a pulsating in my (injured) arm. Each time the pulsating seemed to rise and get very intense, as though you were bringing the pain to the surface and sucking it out. This went on for a while,. After you stopped the treatment, the pain was gone. I have never felt anything like this before. You have a powerful gift. You are a healer.”

Giorgio Calevaro
Pasadena, CA

What is Spiritual Healing?

Life energy flows through all living beings.

The yogic name for life energy is prana. In Chinese acupuncture it is called chi or qi.

This energy flows through our seven energy centers in the physical body - called chakras.

It flows through our energy pathways - called meridians. It flows through the energy fields around our body - called auras. These energy centers and pathways correspond to every organ in the body.

When our energy flows freely we are happy and healthy. When the energy is blocked we have dis-ease - both physical and psychological.

A ‘healer’ is simply a channel. I engage in a deep meditative state and simply allow healing energy to sweep through my body and into yours. When blocked energy is released and rebalanced, the body heals itself.

I use several healing modalities to help pin point and clear energetic blockages and emotional imbalances. After a session one feels centered and energized. Many describe a ‘new found space’ in which to relax into - a calm they are able to retain for longer periods.

Treatments do not have to be done in person. Remote healing is just as effective as ‘hands on’ healing. Like telepathic communication, healing energy can also be sent and received miles away. Animals often benefit from distant healing, especially cats who by nature are so sensitive to energies.

“Dexter, you are spot on! I'm very impressed.
You are accurate, and I'd love you to do more healings.“
Sonya Lee

“After your session the pain in my side was gone and never came back. Thank you!“
Rachel Goldberg, Burbank, CA

“You are very powerful. Your psychic abilities have turned you into a very good healer.“
Jude Unegbu, Los Angeles, CA

Chuey“Thanks to you Cheuy is alive. The Vet had said he was in pain and gave him morphine! Cheuy did not improve. He did not eat for two days. I told the Vet that you said it was his stomach, and that Chewy felt extremely nauseous. They gave him fluids, did a blood test and gave him anti-nausea medication. He went home and ate and drank. They never found out what was wrong with him, but he is getting better every day. You saved his life!“
Lila Henry, Boise, Idaho


"My cat Katie has kidney disease. Since Dexter has been working with her she is less depressed. Her health is stable, and she is more affectionate, more active and climbing around more than she has in quite a while. I appreciate every moment that I have with her. She is a treasure, and Dexter’s working with her has helped her health. Thank you for all you do for Katie and myself. You are a blessing to many people. You have a gift."
Diane Carson Huff, Azuza, CA

"You are a miracle worker!"
Sandy Smith

Stella“My dog Stella has been doing better. You've helped her a lot, as she is pottering around the living room more. Thank you! You are really such a wonderful healer. God bless you.“
Jane Hepburn


“My dog Bella couldn't walk. The Vets said she may have slipped or ruptured a disc in her spine. They put her on pain medication, muscle relaxants and steroids. After a very powerful and healing morning with Dexter, there was a 360% turn around with Bella. She is walking and looking more herself again. I stopped the pain meds, and am cutting the muscle relaxants in half. She now has clarity in her eyes.“
Eileen Tse, Camarillo, CA

Emotional Healing


Jane would be caring for Murray when his person was away. The problem was that Murray wouldn't let anyone in his house. He lunged at people, and sometimes attacked his own person, because he was so afraid. I asked Murray how he felt when others entered his home. I felt a suffocating feeling, as if Murray could not breathe. His throat and heart chakra were completely closed. He felt vulnerable and terrified, and went into panic mode. I did a healing for Murray. Jane said the next morning he let her enter. She was able to walk past Murray four times, and do what she needed to, as Murray sat just a few yards away watching her, as I had asked him to.


Lucky was howling and having nightmares at least once a week. Not spayed, Lucky was also having a pseudo-pregnancy. Her person, Jennifer, explained that Lucky had taken several of her stuffed toys, placed them on the bed, and would not let anyone near them. She sat on them every night. Her teats were even filling with milk. When I visited Lucky, she seemed very depressed. After the healing session, Jennifer wrote: “It was so wonderful to meet you and to have you in our home. Lucky is doing very well and no more nightmares thanks to you. After you left, Lucky's pseudo-pregnancy disappeared. She seems happier. We look forward to seeing you again!“
Jennifer Oh, West Los Angeles

healingDexter is a Reiki Master, certified Quantum Touch practitioner and spiritual healer. She often brings guided meditation and visualization into her healing work. Dexter uses therapeutic sacred oils, and incorporates gongs and bells into her sessions to deepen meditative awareness states. Only 100% organic, wild-crafted pure essential oils are used.

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